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30-Day Wellness Program with Isobella

30-Day Wellness Program with Isobella

Our 30-Day Program 'At Home with KAILO' is now in Week 2 and we couldn't get more proud of our participants in the program!  Below we ask our Wellness Director, Isobella, how her journey has been with the program so far.

1. We are 2 weeks in to the Wellness Program - What goals did you personally commit to?
No artificial sugars (choccy in the evenings was becoming too regular), no coffee (again not something I want as a part of everyday- more a treat), no fake tan- this is something that I have used weekly for as long as I can remember and was starting to feel unconfident in myself if I didn’t have a tan. I didn’t like the way that this was impacting me mentally and the time commitment it took, so I am choosing to have a break and reconnect to my natural state. I also set an intention to slow down

2. What are you finding most challenging so far?
In honesty I have been challenged multiple times, coffee is more of a habit than I realised and is such a social norm. Dropping this ritual has been challenging but every day is becoming easier. Looking in the mirror and seeing my pale complexion has been hard, each day I make mental shifts.

3. What positive changes are you starting to feel?
My skin is super clear, and I am waking up feeling refreshed and energised- even with very broken sleep due to my daughter waking. I have been training each week day and feel strong and confident during my workouts. I am also naturally caring healthier food choices