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Emma's skin transformation with KAILO

Emma's skin transformation with KAILO
Before Vs. After

Let’s talk skin…

Your skin is the first thing people see when meeting you and the thing people see in their minds when remembering you. It’s your visual representation to the world saying ‘This is me!’ Having acne for the first time at 21 changed the way I saw myself. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin and caught myself constantly clarifying to people that I was having problems with hormones causing my skin to break out but that I was working on it. I felt like all anyone could see was my acne. This of course then welcomed a wave of unsolicited advice from people who often had genetically flawless skin and no education on skincare whatsoever, making me feel even worse.

Acne is the most common skin disorder in Australia and yet it can be so hard to treat. This is because acne comes in all shapes and sizes. For me, acne appeared due to my hormones changing after coming off the pill. For others, acne can become prevalent from oily skin, sweat, incorrect skincare products, ageing and the list goes on.

I decided that I needed some professional advice on my skin. My home care products just weren't cutting it and I needed a full overhaul. So I booked in to see a senior skin specialist who CHANGED MY LIFE. 


The KAILO experience…

My treatments at KAILO started with a thorough consultation. What medications I was on, current skin regime, exercise habits, allergies ect... once we had a clear understanding of MY skin we could progress and take the first steps towards clear skin. My therapist then made me a tailored treatment plan and recommended a series of home care products. This gave me the first real glimpse at the light at the end of my tunnel. 


Working with DMK

For me, DMK was the home care my skin needed. DMK works to revise the disharmony causing skin conditions and particularly works well with hormonal acne. DMK’s skin care system is based on the principle that cells of the skin respond positively to the chemistry they recognise. Devised around the concept REMOVEREBUILDPROTECT, and MAINTAIN, it works with the structure and function of the skin to generate long lasting results. 

With a consistent skincare routine at home paired with monthly DMK Enzyme facials at KAILO Medispa, the ground work was set and I started to notice a big difference in my skin. New acne had stopped forming and congestion underneath the surface started to go away. I felt hydrated and healthy again BUT the redness and post inflammatory pigmentation still hadn't gone down.  


The Sciton Skin Corrective System - GAME CHANGER! 

Time to re-evaluate. It was then that my therapist recommended the Sciton Laser at KAILO Medispa. This is the most advanced skin corrective system in the world and works by targeting deep within the layers of the skin to correct and enhance. 

All up, the treatment took around 40 minutes including numbing time and was about a 7/10 on my pain scale (but I'm a bit of a wimp), nothing anyone couldn't handle. After the laser treatment I felt hot and stingy, almost like a sunburn but that only lasted about 2 days.



*One hour after my Sciton Laser treatment*


One of the benefits of the Sciton Laser is that you can put makeup on after so I was able to go back to work the next day with 0 down time. I would recommend having the treatment on a Friday afternoon as you can still be a little red so might want to stay home for a day or 2. 

Despite the redness, I could se a HUGE difference in my skin straight away. The post inflammatory pigmentation had been targeted at its core and was disappearing from my skin. I saw the full results of the treatment only one week later. 


I may be a little biased when it comes to KAILO but the results speak for themselves... 

I would highly recommend booking a consultation with KAILO if you are suffering with ANY skin concern as the team can tailor a treatment plan specifically to you! 


To book, you can call reception on 07 3252-3225 or email 

OR Click here to book a skin consultation online





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