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Healthy Habits with KAILO’s Nutrition Coach Libby Munro

Healthy Habits with KAILO’s Nutrition Coach Libby Munro

Let’s talk Healthy Habits...

Why are healthy habits so hard to maintain? Well firstly, we are humans and we are designed to respond to instant gratification - it is what has kept us alive all these years. If you want to maintain healthy habits in the long term you are best to align them with something rewarding, something that gives you positive feedback in the short term. 

So how about meeting up with a friend to go for a walk? That way you get to see your friend, have a chat and a catch up, and you just happen to be exercising at the same time. Instant gratification followed by long term benefits. 

Habits will stick when you associate them with positive feedback. Create a motivation ritual by doing something you enjoy either immediately before or after the difficult habit.

Try not to sabotage your good habits by introducing a rewarding behaviour that unravels your healthy habit ie. getting ice cream because you went to the gym is going to negatively impact your healthy choices. 

Another way to create healthy habits is by making them simple, short, and utterly achievable. For instance, if you want to start meditating please don’t try to commit to an hour a day for the rest of your life! It will be off putting and you will never start. Try focussing on your breath for one minute every morning when you boil the kettle for your coffee. Try focussing on your breath while you brush your teeth each day. That is mindfulness! Associate the new habit (meditation) with an old habit (brushing your teeth) which will make you remember to do it and you will also feel like you are killing two birds with one stone. This is called HABIT STACKING. 


If you want to learn more I recommend reading Atomic Habits by James Clear - it is sensational in its practicality. 

Written by KAILO Nutrition Coach Libby Munro

Learn more - KAILO Nutrition Coaching with Libby Munro

KAILO Nutrition with Libby Munro has no lengthy programs or protocols. It is about real results, for the real world, and for real men and women.

Whether it is to maximise energy levels, improve sleep, or achieve a desired weight-loss goal, Libby’s approach is tailored to you and your lifestyle. Providing personal mentorship with Libby, and easy to follow plans and support, KAILO Nutrition with Libby Munro is committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Pricing structure:
Initial 60 minute consultation (in-person or virtual) — $250
Three months coaching — $1500


Call KAILO Medispa today to book your consultation with Libby - and take the first step towards achieving long term sustainable health and well-being.  

P: 07 3252-3225 


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