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Dr Zac Turner - Health 'Optimiser'

Dr Zac Turner - Health 'Optimiser'

Feel your best with bespoke wellness strategies from Dr Zac Turner

Dr Zac is resident doctor on channel 9's Morning show and proud medical director of Concierge Doctors, a bespoke holistic health, anti-ageing and preventative medicine company with clinics around Australia that focus on tried and tested treatments that produce effective, safe and long-term results.

Zac’s professional interests within medicine include orthopaedics, plastics and reconstructive surgery as well as sports and cosmetic medicine. Most recently, he has become an industry key opinion leader pursuing functional medicine as his primary speciality.

Zac is committed to bringing preventative health to the forefront through medicine and media. His focus in healthcare it to improve his patients overall wellness and performance using proved medical strategies.

Concierge Doctors provides a medical platform where health, performance and wellness can be measured and quantified. Where you are challenged to bio-hack your personal best - design your evolution.

Dr Zac can offer medically proven, bespoke programming assisting in:

  • Anti aging strategies
  • Performance and vitality management
  • Men's health

If you are interested in seeing Dr Zac at KAILO, please express your interest by contacting KAILO reception on 07 3252 3225.