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Meet Melissa Briggs - Naturopath

Meet Melissa Briggs - Naturopath

About Me -

My journey into natural health started when I was very young. My mother worked in a health food store so I was always surrounded by Naturopaths, Acupuncturists & Nutritionists.
I was an introvert and experienced anxiety throughout my childhood. It was only in my teenage years that it started to take over my life and I began experiencing panic attacks. At the time though I didn't know what anxiety was, let alone a panic attack. With the advice from a Naturopath, I was able to understand my body and the importance of nutrition to ease my anxiety.
Growing up in Byron Bay surrounded by natural health solutions & practitioners inadvertently lead me to study Naturopathy. This has allowed me to support others the way I was supported in my childhood

In 2010, I studied at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Brisbane part time during the week, whilst living in Byron Bay the other half. I was burning the candle at both ends, like most do in their 20’s. The juggle of travel, work and study wasn't sustainable.
Part way into my degree I feel ill and was hospitalised for a week with an unknown condition. I had a throat examination where they found a lump on my thyroid. Scans and biopsy’s showed suspicions for cancers and I was advised to have immediate surgery to have the lump removed.
The first surgery removed half of my thyroid containing the lump, showing that I had a particular type of thyroid cancer called a papillary carcinoma. I was very lucky in that my tumour was fully encapsulated so didn't need radioactive iodine treatment. However, it was recommended that I have the second half of my thyroid removed to assess for further tumours and for ease of future monitoring. After some deliberation, I decided to proceed with the 2nd surgery.
This journey lead me to researching thyroid disease prevalence, the role of nutrition and how our exposure to certain nutrients is needed for a healthy functioning thyroid has declined over the years.
2 months after my second surgery, with even more motivation to work in the natural health industry, I moved to Brisbane and completed my degree.

It is from here that Elixir Naturopathy was born.

Melissa will be consulting from KAILO Well on the first Saturday every month, commencing Saturday 1st October. To book, please contact our friendly Reception Team on 3252 3225 or by emailing

Initial Consultation 1.5 hours $240
Follow up 45 mins $130
Extended follow up (test results etc) 1 hour $170

6-8 weekly appointments recommended