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Melissa McDonald - KAILO's Brow Queen

Melissa McDonald - KAILO's Brow Queen

KAILO's own Brow Queen Melissa McDonald has developed a solid reputation for being the best in the brow business in this town. 

Learn more about Mel's brow passion and how she gets such amazing results, below.

"My name is Mel, I’ve been a beauty therapist for 6 years starting in New Zealand and now currently in Australia. I love everything about my job, I’m extremely passionate about the work i do and making people happy is one of the most rewarding things in the world! 

My interest for brows started very early on in my career. Starting with brow sculpts and tint/dyes etc, then later developing my skills to brow laminations and microblading. Over the years I have discovered so many different techniques to create the perfect brow for each individual. I am most skilled at the natural brow look, I tend to recommend these the most! I love hearing the feedback when someone has pointed out that my client looks different in a really good way but can’t pin point exactly what, surprise it’s the brows! That’s when you know they are as natural as can be. I’ve been microblading for about 4 years and the techniques and pigment colours have come along way even since then! 

If you don’t know microblading is a semi permanent tattoo using the feather stroke technique to create the most natural, fine, crisp, hair like strokes that blend with your existing brow hairs. The mapping process I take very seriously to ensure you get the right brow shape for your face. No matter what colour hair you are I have the perfect shade for your tattoo, ranging from blondes, reds, brows, ash, warm, the darkest brown/black. The pigments colour holds really well in the skin and doesn’t change as time goes by. The process is super simple and almost painless as I do use numbing cream before and during the treatment. 

Because it’s coming into the cooler months it’s a perfect time to have your brows microbladed to ensure they heal the best! With lower sun exposure and no beach swimming trips May is a great time to have the treatment. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and book a microblading consultation with me so we can discuss if you’d be the perfect candidate and what you’d like to achieve your perfect brow."