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Wellness Wrap Up with Isobella

Wellness Wrap Up with Isobella

Before starting this program I was reasonably healthy and well, however I lacked consistency in my weekly routine and was finding I was starting my week feeling empowered and on track with my goals and by midweek I’d be unprepared and would be reaching for easy, less nutrient rich foods and missing my scheduled gym classes. As a result I would feel flat mentally and feel like I wasn’t prioritising time for myself amidst caring for my two young children, running the house and working part time. 

I went into this program with then intention to slow down the pace of my life, be consciously more present, engage in regular intentional movement, remove coffee and implement the KAILO Feel Well and Look Well nutrition powders every single day (I am breast feeding so I am yet to enjoy the benefits of KAILO Sleep Well supplement). Another focus of mine was to remove the habit of fake tanning weekly, I chose to do this because I recognised that I wasn’t feeling very confident and attractive in myself without it and I didn't like placing that much of my value and worth on how I look. Plus, my life is busy so anything to create more ease is a bonus. 

Since commencing the program on Jan 30th I have been very consistent in my daily routine, I have made my bed each morning, exercised 4-5 times each week, I haven’t touched coffee (this was tough in the first week and I had headaches), I haven’t tanned or hardly worn makeup and I have enjoyed my KAILO Nutrition powders every day. I have noticed a big shift in my energy, it has been a steady change and I am not reaching for that 3pm sweet or pick me up anymore- this is huge for me as I am up 3-4 times a night with my daughter so am operating off minimal sleep. In the last week I have noticed a significant change in my nails, they are stronger and growing a lot faster and my skin is clear and glowing. Thankfully I have had a healthy gut for many years now but I have recognised more regularity in my bowel movements and I have no bloating, the Feel Well is my favourite part of my morning.

I feel confident that the changes I have made will continue on past these 30 days, I don’t feel the need for coffee anymore and will treat this like a special occasion beverage. I look forward to continuing to nurture my body and mind with a gentle approach to wellness and supplementing my balanced diet with KAILO Nutrition powders in the future.