Biologique Recherche MASQUE VISOLASTINE 100 ml

Biologique Recherche MASQUE VISOLASTINE 100 ml

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A beautiful hydrating mask that provides long-lasting moisture to leave your skin soft, comfortable, clear and radiant.⠀

Advanced hydrating actives reduce trans-epidermal water loss (T.E.W.L), protect your skins natural barrier and restores your hydro-lipidic film, key to building long term moisture and resilience for dehydrated and stressed Skin Instants. ⠀

A complex of Hyaluronic Acid and Rhizobium Extract (a symbiotic bacterium from sunflowers) act as a water reservoir to restore your skins hydration needs and essential protective functions. ⠀

Now your skin is properly moisturised and every cellular function is enhanced.⠀

This non-greasy hydrating mask from Biologique Recherche is suitable for normal dehydrated and very dehydrated skins.