Dr Olivia Lesslar

Dr Olivia Lesslar

Phone: 07 3252-3225
Email: reception@kailomedispa.com

Dr Olivia is a medical doctor with an interest in health coaching, personalised, and preventative medicine. Following a traditional path into medicine, some 15 years ago Dr Olivia began to appreciate the incredible role of nutrition and lifestyle factors in our overall health and well-being. And so began her commitment to helping her patients to improve their health through a holistic and functional medicine approach.

Dr Olivia’s dedication, knowledge and immense compassion have helped hundreds of people improve their health and live better lives. Dr Olivia focusses on a comprehensive understanding of patients’ medical and lifestyle history. Dr Olivia uses a variety of tools and testing protocols including genetic SNP analyses to analyse individual patients in order to better understand what may be impacting someone’s health and why. She addresses a range of health issues for her clients including; allergies, brain health, gut health, sleep management, anti-ageing, auto-immune conditions, complex health concerns, and cancer recovery.

Having spent time in New York and LA since graduating from medical school, Dr Olivia has travelled across the globe to work and learn from the best in the wellness arena. Dr Olivia’s approach uses evidence-based treatments, and considers the most up-to-date studies and modern medical ideas. With patients all over the World, Dr Olivia is one of Australia’s leading providers of individualised medicine.

Dr Olivia Lesslar has recently been featured in The NYC Journal's 50 Under 50 and is available for consult at KAILO Medispa. 


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