KAILO Medispa Presents

Rest & Reset Retreat

Following the Official 'KAILO Summit' is the Rest & Reset Retreat by KAILO Medispa at The Calile Hotel - curated by Belinda Matwali. This is the perfect opportunity to put words into action with individual and small group sessions and treatments to optimise your wellness.

The Retreat Program:


May 3rd - 4th, 2025

More information and Tickets coming soon.

Meet your Retreat Host

Belinda Matwali

Belinda is a Spiritual Wellness expert, specialising in Meditation, Astrology and trauma-informed Compassionate Inquiry. She has been fortunate to train with some of the best teachers around the world in the art and science of meditation, including 20 trainings with her Masters in India. She combines all of her skills in her brand Spiritual Nutrition to provide truly unique offerings in both individual and group sessions.

Belinda teaches and hosts luxury retreats all over the world and is a Master Practitioner for Joali Being in the Maldives and Spiritual Wellness Expert at Hotel Cafe Royal in London.

We are thrilled to have her host the Rest & Reset Retreat in conjunction with the KAILO Summit 2025.

This Retreat Includes

Wellness Activations

Individual and Small Group Sessions with Belinda Matwali and other special guest ritual guiders.

Daily Movement

Movement Sessions hosted by KAILO's Head Trainer and Global Ambassador Jay Cardiello


Massage & Facial Treatments

at KAILO Medispa

Restaurant Meals

Educational & Interactive Group Meals w/ Special Guest Hosts

Spiritual Wellness    David The Medium

Human Design    Krystal Woods

Movement    Jay Cardiello

Spa Treatments    KAILO Medispa

Meditation    Belinda Matwali