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2023 Wellness Tips

2023 Wellness Tips

My friendly reminder for 2023 is for you to celebrate each and every single breath of every day no matter what the day brings you as a divine gift. As you celebrate each breath, pay close attention to the sensations arising no matter how subtle they may seem, honouring each for the gifts they bring to you.

We often try to overcomplicate things in the hopes of bringing more meaning to our existence, this ends up taking us away from the essence of being. In the being, we are able to recognise our true gift, our pure uninterrupted love within. Recognising this, enables your gift of love to ripple outwards into the world, infecting all who you are lucky enough to interact with.

Also, be grateful for your life. It is not enough to merely feel this gratitude. Instead I invite you to express it by sharing your gratitude with others in writing, laughter, touch, dance, conversation, love and intentional presence.

Meditate, or at least spend some time alone in silence every day. Preferably in nature and most importantly, do it offline.

And if you truly wish to lead the best life possible in 2023, make the right choices every day. Just like washing your hands, taking a shower or eating nourishing food every day. You must repeat your rituals of happiness day after day. It is best to combine them with an existing ritual or habit. You could: Read something which motivates you for a few minutes every day. As you prepare for sleep of an evening, take the time to consciously show appreciation for something you experienced during the day. Remember to make the time to thank a person in your life, whether new or old, send them a text or audio message.

Finally, ask yourself the question: How can I make other people happier with everything I have learned? You will soon realise how satisfying and gratifying it is to be of service and help others. But who could you help most? And how? Where are you needed? Where can you make a difference?

May these friendly reminders inspire you to live a full thriving existence in 2023.

With love,