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Energetic Healer - Lisa Laing

Energetic Healer - Lisa Laing

Energetic Healing with Lisa 

Have you ever walked along the beach, the waves ebbing and flowing, the warmth of the sun on your face?  That, in essence, is energy. Energy surrounds us, binds us together: everyone and everything is energy.  You are a living, breathing field of energy. Energy is the expression of your wellbeing, health, and vitality, and we need it to support our physical wellness. Energy is the very essence of who you are.

Energy Healing can be the facilitator for mind, body, soul, and spiritual wellness and connection. If our energy becomes out of balance, our whole being is affected; we become depleted.  Some energetic fields are so misaligned they need extra lifeforce to restore balance and love. Depleted energy centres can manifest as suffering with an overall feeling of imbalance or exhaustion, and may surface as anxiety, stress, fatigue or even chronic illness. 


There are seven main energetic centres that live beneath the physical body and nervous system.  They run along the spinal column from the base of the pelvis to the crown of the head and are housed in seven distinct areas of the body.  Each energy centre holds its own intelligence and expression of life force. Through energy healing, balance and power are restored to these energy centres, empowering you to live with an open heart and deep purpose.


Many wise teachers have said: we are spiritual beings living a human existence, yet our attention to our spiritual self is limited, if not totally ignored. Modern life and the use of social media sometimes leave us feeling more alone and emotionally isolated than we realise. Energy Healing also offers the opportunity to reconnect with your spiritual self, your higher self, and your inner knowingness. This leads to a life lead with clarity and connection and therefore, the ability to function at a higher frequency.

I began seeking an alternative path to healing over 25 years ago after a lifetime of chronic illness and hospitalisations.  I have actively pursued an understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection, researching the human potential, metaphysics and energetic wellbeing.  I learnt different meditation techniques and was fortunate to attend many wonderful workshops and lectures from some of our world's greatest teachers.  However, by far my greatest teacher has been my own life journey and experience.  What I now understand is that when you are living in your heart, you automatically  choose love.  Care and compassion for the well-being of yourself, others, and Mother Earth will naturally flow from this state.


What to expect:

By gently holding space for an open-hearted conversation together, we will unfold  your intentions for your healing.  For the energy component, you will be asked to lay on the table comfortably, fully clothed and covered. Essential Oils, Sound Therapy, Relaxation and Breath Techniques can be used to take you deep into a state of relaxation.  Moving into a frequency of gratitude and love I enter my heart space and connect to the Unified Field –also known as Divine Love.  When we connect to the Unified Field or Divine Love, its frequency carries such vital energy that it changes us from within. 

There is always time to slowly bring you back, peacefully integrating and grounding.  Oracle Cards may be used for further clarification and carry beautiful symbols for personal growth and self-knowledge.  Cards are intuitively chosen and they open awareness to inner wisdom, providing guidance, answers, and exploration into past, present, and potential.  

Post treatment, the body continues to adjust and can take a few days to fully integrate changes.  Hydration is a must.  To maximise benefits, reflection and journaling on what comes up is suggested. 


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Written by Lisa Laing