Get to know KAILO

Get to know KAILO

KAILO Wellness Medispa opened in October of 2018 in The Calile Hotel, Brisbane and has grown into a luxury one stop wellness destination for people Australia-wide. With a vision of being able to support people on a path for optimal wellness internally and externally, the brand has developed significantly by delving into the many different aspects of wellness.  Moving forward KAILO is not just a ‘Medispa’.

Through the recent challenges and devastation facing communities across the globe we as a business have learned that our guest’s needs and wants around their health has elevated and become their highest priority.  For some, having healthy, glowing skin is the beginning of a journey of learning that their gut health plays a huge role in the integrity of their skin.  To others, this may mean supporting their mental health in areas of anxiety, depression that has become very prominent in their life due to the past few years of life being unpredictable and out of our control.  By gaining this knowledge and understanding our guests we knew it was time to expand upon our signature Medispa treatments of medical grade skin health, functional medicine, beauty, spa treatments and dive into practices that complement our already extensive offerings.  The founders Kath Merlo and Kristy Morris recently launched a new sector of the business “KAILO Well” which is a Tailored Health and High-Level Concierge Wellness space offering Wellness and Lifestyle coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Cancer body treatments, energetic healing, and DNA matched skin care regime.   As an extended arm of the KAILO brand, KAILO Well draws from a range of well-being practices from around the globe and is a centre for rejuvenation and deep healing on the physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

We have brought together a well-educated and credible team of doctors, practitioners, nutrition & wellness coaches, and energetic healers to collaborate and create a best-in-class space to allow our guests to live their best life. It is a consultative space for guests to work with our KAILO and visiting practitioners to build better health, better wellbeing, and better lives.

Within our multi award winning flagship “Wellness Medispa” space, we continue to provide our treatment-based offerings including high level facial treatments, cosmetic aesthetics, IV Vitamin therapy, functional medicine, laser skin rejuvenation, beauty, and massage rituals.  

Our integrative and functional medicine practitioners at KAILO and KAILO Well treat the whole body, not just a condition. This is an in-depth consultative process with each guest to understand their unique wellbeing and medical conditions, history and future desired outcomes. For those who have struggled for many years with complex health issues or for anyone wanting a greater understanding of their own health, this is a critical aspect of the holistic approach. Our practitioners will delve deep into understanding the genetic makeup of your body by testing DNA to not only treat present conditions, however, also prevent conditions that may appear in the future.

Our Nutrition and Wellness coaches have received comprehensive international education and training which allows confidence and adds credibility to their coaching.  As a brand we value whole food nutrition, regular movement and giving our guests the tools to live a life that is emotionally and spiritually fulfilling.   Our guest’s journey is not limited to nutrition, we coach all aspects of life including relationships, human connection, movement, home environment, finances, personal and career growth. 

Health is valued in different ways to each individual and our nutrition and wellness coaches will seek to understand our guests’ unique nutritional needs and how to optimise them to feel, look and live better. Our nutrition and wellness coaching are not about setting time frames for guests to complete a program, however about forming new habits to maintain a life-long healthy relationship with nourishing foods to fuel their bodies. Nutrition and lifestyle play a large role in how we feel emotionally, and this is where we saw the significance and relevance in Energy Healing. 

Energy Healing can be the facilitator for mind, body, soul, and spiritual wellness and connection. If our energy becomes out of balance, our whole being is affected; we become depleted.  Depleted energy centres can manifest as suffering with an overall feeling of imbalance or exhaustion, and may surface as anxiety, stress, fatigue, or even chronic illness. Specifically, within the current climate, this is something we have seen surface as a growing need and people are craving to be “in balance”. This is where our energetic healers at “KAILO Well” take our guests on a journey to truly understand their own energy centres. Through energy healing, balance and power are restored, empowering us as humans to live with an open heart and deep purpose.

As a brand, we see significant importance between the alignment of physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. We are thrilled to be offering these services to our guests at “KAILO Well”, our new home of wellness within the James Street precinct.

Another extremely significant pillar within the brand is education. We aim to provide expert, relevant and evidence-based knowledge to our guests through online platforms, social media, intimate events, wellness retreats and future large events. 

We are excited to be holding our inaugural KAILO Wellness Summit on October 20th, 2022 at the Calile Hotel, hosted by The Project’s Lisa Wilkinson. Delegates will be informed, inspired, and educated by a range of wellness advocates and medical practitioners who will lift the lid on everything you need to know about health and wellness, the importance of sleep, hormones and healing the gut while also busting myths surrounding injectables. 

The day will start for our VIP Tickets holders with Yoga on the rooftop hosted by LuLu Lemon followed by a nourishing breakfast with entrepreneur and author Lisa Messenger flowing into a beautiful heart opening and guided mediation to support all attendees in receiving all that the day has to offer.  This is a day for not only KAILO guests and friends, but for fellow practitioners within the wellness and or beauty industry wanting to educate themselves on futuristic wellness. 

The founders Kristy and Kath are extremely honoured and grateful to be surrounded by a team of highly qualified experts.  The team ranges from spa therapists who are providing our guests with a sensory escape, to nurses who are equipped in the latest in skin rejuvenation and resurfacing with the most up to date technology.  They had a vision for future wellness before KAILO opened its doors and now, they are bringing this to life by educating and sharing all things wellness to over 250 guests in a one-day jam-packed event.  

As a brand we have many more exciting projects on the horizon for 2022, to further cater to our guests nationally and internationally.  We look forward to sharing what is to come and will continue to grow our brand with future wellness practitioners that align with the vision and mission of what is KAILO.

Register your Interest for the KAILO Wellness Summit HERE

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