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Post Summer Skin with KAILO - BBL Laser Skin Treatments


Summer is almost over and that means many of us will notice more pigmentation and sun damage caused over the hotter months. Combat post-summer skin and take YEARS OFF YOUR COMPLEXION WITH BROADBAND LIGHT THERAPY (BBL) at kailo. THIS GENTLE, NON-INVASIVE, AND SAFE PROCEDURE WILL ERASE SUN-SPOTS, AGE SPOTS, & REDNESS ACROSS THE Face and BODY. 

BBL is a new advanced treatment for sun damage, facial capillaries, scars, redness, pigmentation and general skin rejuvenation. The treatments also improve the general skin texture and can reduce pore size.This cutting-edge device emits Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) at varying wavelengths to profoundly transform the dermis without harming the outer skin layers. The process triggers cellular regeneration and stimulates new collagen production to smooth the complexion and provide a tighter, more youthful appearance overall. 

What’s more, any area of the body can be treated including the neck, chest and hands. Finally BBL offers a safe effective treatment that can treat sun damaged hands necks and chests, removing sun damage, broken capillaries and brown age spots, especially in the hands of our qualified laser specialists at KAILO.

The treatments are very quick, safe and highly effective with minimal downtime. In contrast to other technology (i.e. IPL) fewer treatments are required (2-3 compared with 5-6). The treatments are much less painful due to the physics of the machine as well as the sapphire cooling plate that cools the skin while the treatments are performed. This not only minimizes discomfort but also allows higher energies to be used and therefore greater results. The cooling mechanism combined with the variable pulse width and energy means we can also customize the treatments to suit and treat all skin types. Other technology does not allow as much variability in the settings of the machines and therefore are not necessarily suited to treating a wide variety of skin types.

What is involved in a BBL treatment?

After a thorough consultation and treatment plan with our laser specialist, the treatment itself initially involves applying an anaesthetic cream to the area for 20-30 minutes. The actual treatment lasts anywhere between 10 -20 minutes depending on how many areas are being treated (ten minutes for a face, 15-20 for face neck and chest). After the treatment the skin feels a little warm and ice packs are applied for 15-20 minutes. The warm feeling is usually gone after 30 minutes. At this point the skin is a little red, the majority if the redness is gone by the next day. Makeup can be worn straight away. The brown spots and pigmentation go darker and gradually fade out of the skin over a week. There is no breaking or peeling of the skin. For best results, treatments are performed 3-4 weeks apart.

Combine BBL and HALO for the ultimate skin rejuvenation

Halo is a hybrid fractional laser that delivers two types of light energies to effect unsurpassed anti-aging results. With previous lasers, the technology either went too deep, damaging the skin, or the treatment was too shallow and didn’t go far enough in achieving the client’s cosmetic goals. HALO penetrates the skin at the perfect depth, eradicating years of damage and debris. With minimal downtime and a session time of around 30 minutes, HALO can treat sun damage, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, dark spots, dull skin texture, and fine lines. Results with HALO typically last up to several years.


HALO and BBL treatments work in tandem to smooth the skin, improve skin texture, and combat hyperpigmentation. BBL is applied first in 30 minutes or less to bring discoloured portions of the skin to the surface to be eradicated. HALO is then used to exfoliate the complexion and address fine lines, wrinkles, and other irregularities. Both treatments are non-invasive, so there is minimal downtime involved. The result is a more youthful, refreshed appearance and a heightened sense of satisfaction with your image.

For more information or to book a consulation with KAILO’s laser specialist please contact…..

P: 07 3252 3225 





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