Q&A with Dr Jake Sloane

Q&A with Dr Jake Sloane

We are thrilled to speak with Dr Jake Sloane about all things Cosmetics. Dr Jake is KAILO's visiting Cosmetic Doctor from Sydney, who has had years experience in the Cosmetic Industry, and also has a powerful podcast connecting people from all around the world in the industry. 


​What made you decide to get into aesthetics?

I always wanted to be a surgeon and completed over a decade of surgical training in the UK and Australia. But I always had an interest in aesthetics and was one of very few doctors in 2008 who committed to training and learning how to inject alongside what I did in theatre. It all started with a very simple weekend course to learn some basic skills but it's taken me many years of seeing thousands of faces to master the entire face.


What do you love most about your work?

In 2017 I left my hospital job to focus on aesthetics full time. I'm happy to admit that at the beginning, I did wonder if I would miss operating. But I quickly realized that I was able to transfer what I loved about surgery (the practical aspect and the ability to fix things) into a far more satisfying and rounded career. Injectables are a powerful tool and in the right hands, we can help restore people's confidence to flourish in their relationships and careers. The feeling of knowing that I can have a profound impact on people and to make them feel special again is a huge privilege.


What are some of the strangest requests you’ve had when it comes to aesthetics? 

Most of my patients come from referrals from happy patients or via my Instagram profile - so in a way my patients self select because they understand my style, my aesthetic - but also what I won't do! But naturally, I occasionally do get some 'interesting' requests including non-surgical butt lifts, penile augmentation and vaginal 'rejuvenation' fillers!


Is there a favourite treatment or 'tweakment' you do? 

I'm best known for my full face approach so I love doing these broader, more complex types of treatments that incorporate many different injecting techniques. Whilst patients are good at seeing what they don't like, it's much harder for them to imagine or know what their aesthetic potential is. When they are asked to commit to doing a series of treatment that might use 12+ syringes of filler, that's the real challenge I have in gaining their trust and educating people that they sometimes need much larger volumes of filler than they may be used to, to lift, re-volumize or contour their face again.


Do you see much difference around the world in what treatments people are having? And do you see Australia coming into it’s own in this area? 

I co-founded and co-host a podcast called Inside Aesthetics which is a now a globally-renowned channel for aesthetic education and information. So I'm very lucky that I can keep up to date with new treatments and new ways of thinking. Whilst there are cultural and social quirks amongst different regions, aesthetic principles are universal and similar products and approaches are generally used.

But Australia is actually a leader in the injectables world and per capita, we consume cosmetic surgery but also injectables more than nearly any other country. I am so proud to be a trainer for Allergan Aesthetics and to contribute to developing the next generation of skilled injectors.


What do you see as the buzz topic in aesthetics in 2022? 

There are always going to be new trends or buzz topics but as a general rule, I stay well away from them! The biggest issue in the injectables space is the lack of good training of injectors, leading to poor outcomes and the impact that these have on prospective patients who fear looking fake or 'done'. 

In my opinion, beauty and proportion are timeless - they don't change. My training has taught me what looks natural and what works. So regardless of fashion statement treatments like 'Russian lips' or 'Fox eyes', I always stick to my principles and don't cater to those types of requests. I'm very happy to say no to someone but also remind people that there are plenty of other injectors out there if someone prefers a different aesthetic to mine. 


Your podcast 'Inside Aesthetics' has really shone light on the many aspects of aesthetics. Is that why you wanted to start the podcasts?

The podcast has evolved a few times - we've now reached 149 episodes! But yes, it's primary goal was to create better awareness about what's on offer. With so much marketing, paid influencers and unregulated social media, it's impossible to really know what's real, what works and what the truth is about treatments, skin, injectables and cosmetic surgery. Whilst we mainly speak to the industry and injectors, consumers can also learn a lot by dipping in and out of episodes who's topics resonate with them. We host world leading guests and it's become a significant educational platform for aesthetics around the globe with over 500,000 downloads in over 55 countries. 

More about Dr Jake's podcast here.

One aesthetician or doctor you would love to have on the podcast? 

I've been inspired by many teachers in the nearly 14 years that I've been injecting. But if I could have a deep conversation with one injector it would be Dr Mauricio De Maio. He is a Brazilian plastic surgeon who invented the injecting techniques and philosophies that I utilize every single day (the 'MD Codes'). I have been extremely lucky to be mentored by Mauricio in a global mentoring programme since January 2020, but I never stop learning and would love to pick his brain. He is fascinating and a genius in my opinion


Be honest, do you love watching “Botched”?

Ha! Well we were lucky to be joined by Dr Paul Nassif one of the co-stars of Botched when we celebrated episode 100 of Inside Aesthetics. He was very gracious to share his time with us and give us some insights into the show. So yes, I've watched Botched many times before. Whilst obviously sometimes shocking, it showcases how patients can either suffer in the wrong hands or even be their own worst enemy! These issues are just as relevant for injectables and so it's my own personal mission to continually teach, educate and share my knowledge to improve standards and outcomes. 

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