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Cryst Collective

Cryst Collective
Crystals have become increasingly popular in the wellness space of late. However, if you’re a newcomer to the world of crystals, - the large variety on offer may seem overwhelming. 
Cryst Collective was born to introduce the Founder Katie Moubarak's understanding and passion for crystals.  She realised that many people may be curious about crystals but not necessarily know where to start, which fuelled a desire to share her love of crystals by introducing them to a wider audience. It's a modern-take on introducing crystals into your home or workspace. 
Cryst Collective endeavours to take the guesswork out of understanding crystals, and the brand’s basis is formed upon their crystal “Trios".  These are sets of 3 crystals that work in synergy to address a specific need. For example, Trios can  assist people in overcoming common everyday issues, from trying to fall asleep, to struggling to concentrate.  The Healing, Love and Zodiac Collections have all bases covered.  Another point of difference for the brand is each Trio comes on a choice of 3 bases - brass, white marble or wood - to fit in with most home decors.
Katie has been trained in Reiki - so all crystals from Cryst Collective are energy-charged using this method. Reiki is an ancient Japanese practice of balancing energy. Reiki can be used to attune or charge objects with healing, protective, positive energy. These objects can then be given as gifts to someone who needs a bit of a boost, or placed around the home for protection or to improve situations.