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Giddy Citizen

Giddy Citizen
Less Junk, More Funk.

The idea of Giddy Citizen was born out of a desire to create products that harnessed the zest of our Mama Earth, with a full flex of flavour that was less junked and more fun. We fill people with a little more joy with every sip.

The year is 2021, and Georgie Woods (CEO and Founder), was hungry
to shake up the food and beverage industry with a kind of flavour-driven thoughtfulness that hadn’t been seen before.

Georgie went about acquiring an existing wholefoods brand that she could transform into a distinctly different and wildly lovable brand that brought wellness into the modern day — A brand that could make people feel good and boost Mama Nature’s mood along the way, too.

Once she’d found the perfect starting point, Georgie dreamt up an exciting suite of wellness product ranges that made it easy (and fun) for everyone to access the power of probiotics.

Fuelled by an obsession with flavour-filled frivolity, thoughtfully sourced and organic ingredients, Georgie’s initial idea grew to a wildly audacious vision to create a clubhouse of products that work together to bring powerfully positive products and a whole lot of joy.

Today, Giddy Citizen boasts a portfolio of sodas, krauts and a suite
of accompanying products that challenge a world of misaligned health and mediocrity.