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Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche


Biologique Recherche
Proudly Partnering with The KAILO Wellness Summit for 2022


Founded in 1977, Biologique Recherche has been offering its clientele individually tailored beauty expertise for over 40 years through our range of pure, concentrated, almost raw products backed by the Biologique Recherche Methodology. This combination of special treatment protocols and unique know-how have earned us a reputation for being highly effective – and wellbeing is at the heart of our approach to skincare. We focus on furthering the skin quality and health that underpin self-esteem and are so essential to people’s fundamental wellbeing.

This focus on wellbeing, a subject very dear to Biologique Recherche, was a common thread in the last year running through everything we did during the Covid-19 pandemic. Resilience was the watchword and we focused on supporting people through these difficult times as well as preparing for the transitions to come out of it.

A focus on Wellbeing for our Clientele

The health and safety of our end customers is an unwavering consideration at Biologique Recherche. That’s why our exacting specifications are forged around three pillars: consistent quality in our products and services, compliance with current regulations, and constantly raising the bar in terms of Eco responsibility in our packaging and formulations.

We are proudly partnering with the KAILO Wellness Summit for 2022 to launch a new and exclusive treatment add on. This treatment allows us to tailor your skincare to future skin concerns using your DNA rather than only treating current skin concerns.